School boards derive their power and authority from the the people. The most important responsibility of the Alabama State Board of Education is to work with parents in their communities to improve student achievement in their local public schools.

Our schools have become a political target for the socialist leaning advocates. They want to infuse their idealogy through our schools to reshape the American experience and our rights as enumerated in the Constitution. It is nothing less than evil to use our children in such a despicable manner.

I have and will remain a front line supervisor and leader. I have one phone number and address which is visible for direct contact because I believe it’s the office holder’s obligation and duty to be accountable and responsive to the needs and concerns of their constituents. I intend to exert a positive influence on other board members in my efforts bring about structural change.

My goal is to reverse all mandates and work with state legislators to review their actions over the last ten years and identify their effectiveness to date. I look forward to working with parents and teachers and administrators as Alabama returns our schools back to their original owners.